My name is Megan and I am the founder, owner and designer here at ANJ. I started many years ago randomly making bracelets for a girls trip to Nashville (an epic weekend!). When I returned, people started asking for them so I started playing around with designs and enjoyed it so much. Over the years I have grown at a slow pace… a pace right for a Mama of 4 girls! Yes, 4. Yes, all girls. I know…it’s a lot! About to get even harder as they enter those dreaded teen years.
My girls names are Ava, Nora, Julia and Lila… ANJ made with Love. I am proud to be their Mama and proud to see my 5th child, this business, grow so much over the last year! There is so much more to come too… I have so much in the works I am literally doing a happy dance writing this!
This last year ANJ has experienced so many wonderful things. I am grateful on a level I never imagined, as through it all, I have personally experienced great and deep loss with the sudden passing of my beloved Dad. This small biz of mine has been my therapy, grounding and distracting me in all the right ways.
I could not do this without you all and your continued support. My customers and retailers have been amazing to me both professionally and personally. I am beyond grateful.
- Megan