Salty Wrists, formerly ANJ Bracelets, is a true homegrown business. Built from a hobby up, founder Megan Kirkum and her small team of women have their hands on every single bracelet, from start to finish. There is not one bracelet leaving the studio that Megan doesn't either inspect or string, tie, and tag herself. She also carefully chooses each stone for quality and designs each bracelet to flow with her previous releases, making stacking fun and easy! This company truly believes in "handmade" and the Salty Wrists team takes pride in each part of the process. 

Aside from the quality and beauty of the product, customers return over and over again as they get to know the person behind the company. Megan Kirkum, founder, designer and owner, is a Plymouth, MA mama of four daughters. What began as a hobby slowly became a business over time, as she kept the difficulty of a work/mom balance in check. She truly believes that a creative outlet is crucial to her happiness and success as a Mom. She encourages others to always make time for any form of art, which she believes is therapy for the soul.

Salty Wrists designs have been inspired by many of Megan's relatable life moments, from birth to death and everything in between.  Each design is carefully curated with semi precious stones carrying meaning and feeling.  From beach lovers to peace seekers, Salty Wrists has a gorgeous handmade meaningful piece for everyone.